Free Orion circle of planet types

Available here. This work by Steven J. DeRose is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.

Terran Human Eaxaw Pil+50 Evil Amazonian Xenophobic Aggressive Worms Conquest, xenocide Silexian R½ I∅ P¾ S+2 Gleaming gardener robots, left on their own ? Raagh R∅ I½ T×3

Desert Nymnmn Mu Ursh R½ T×2 P+½ Etty I½ S+2 T150 Pil+¼ Det-20 St+15 Cyborg plants, peaceful traders yet introverted. ? Trith Det+50 St+15 Telepaths driven batty by the background noise of other being's thoughs. ?

Ocean Scylior R×2 Pop+¼ Three-tentacled, aquatic Nautiloid, blindly following an immobile brain-growth's religion of knowledge gathering Expansionist, research, poor trade Ourbools I½ S+0 Laenfa R½ T+¼ Sneaky, telepathic, sentient vines ?

Tundra Hhhoh T×2 Pil+¼ Huge, slow, multi-trunked mammoths ? Sslith I½ T½ Flat, aquatic, plyable creatures ? George R½ I+½ S+2 A single, childish Telelpathic entity that consists of tons of centipedeoids ? Furthest R½ T+½

Swamp Gyisache I+½ R×2 Pop+¼ T½ Pil¾ Cowardly, freakish sheep-like herbivores Decentralized, mobile, avoid conflict Fifty-sevens Pop¾ S+0 T½ Math-obsessed sky-serpents, singing planet-wide fractal songs. Research Cynos I∅ T+½ Col Walking plants sustained by a giant non-sentient mother plant ? Tae Ghirus I+½ Pop+¼ T½ Pil¾ Setinon I½ T∅ P+¼ individualistic sentient microscopic cells ? Phinnert R∅ S+0 Indigene flying Monkeys ?

Barren Cray I½ R+½ T+½ Cheerful enthusiastic robots. Physically powerful, extremely intelligent but few in number ? Trenchers I+½ R∅ S+0 T½ Volp-Uglush Pop+¼ S+3 Kobuntura I×2 T½

Toxic Gis Guth Gthrim I½ R+½ T½ Col Derthrean Pacifistic, bioengineering, pain-ridden, floating plant/virus synthesis Farming Chato R×2 T½

Radiated Acirema I×2 R+½ S+2 Col Beige Goo I×2 R∅ Pop+¼ T×2 Exobot R½ P¾ T½

Inferno Abaddoni R½ T½ A cave dwelling race ruled by a well meaning but tyrannical AI ? Egassem I×4 R½ Pop¾ S+2 Super massive, nuclear-powered, lava-dwelling, ageless, crystalline amoebas Wealth, industry, poor ship combat Ugmors R½ I+½ S+1 T+½ Lava-dwelling yeast piles, which form temporary yeast/rock golems to gather information and interact. ?

*Experimentor* R×4 Pil+¼ T×3 St+60 Det+100
*Supertesters* I×2 R×2 S+3 Pop+¼ T×2 Pil×2