Skating interests

This page was written by Steven J. DeRose around 1996, and was last updated on 2007-10-19.

Adult skating has recently become a strong focus for the USFSA. Rhea Schwartz has done an amazing job representing the interests and enthusiasm of adult skaters in the USFSA as chair of the Adult Skating Program Committee. The first sanctioned Adult Nationals was in 1995 in Delaware, and I think the sponsors were shocked by the enormous response. Venues since have included the Lake Placid Olympic Center, San Francisco, and Ann Arbor. Adult Nationals is much bigger than regular because it has three age divisions, both Open and Championship (qualified) events, and interpretive and other events.

Adult skaters will want to subscribe to the appropriate newsletter, "Adult Insights". Contact info I have is: Paula Smart, 121017 N 84th Street, Scottsdale AZ 85260.


I wrote a HyperCard stack that you can use to calculate competition placements for freestyle and pair events. It implements the scoring system as of when I wrote the stack; out of date now but feel free to grab the code and update it. If you'd like to try it out, you can [as soon as I find the archive disk] download it here. For better or worse, the International Skating Union has just introduced a radically changed scoring algorithm, which I haven't implemented yet (and won't likely in HyperCard unless Apple does something with it, like maybe integrate it so the text windows are full HTML/XML viewers -- that might actually make it cool again).

Maryland and DC area skating

Among the local rinks are:

Alexandria has a very serious rink, Mt. Vernon Recreation Center, where many Washington FSC members train, including of course Michael Weiss and Derrick Delmore. A block away is the best local skate shop, "Skater's Paradise".

Less than a mile from our house is Wheaton Ice Rink, with a new, fully-enclosed, year-round facility.

An enclosed, year-round park rink is at Cabin John Park in Rockville. It has recently added another full ice surface, and caters seriously to figure skaters.

Right near the UMD College Park campus is Wells Ice Rink, a semi-enclosed 3-season rink.

Rockville has the ARC Ice Arena, a commercial 2-rink complex with some early-morning freestyle sessions and some public. Ice quality and rink temperature are less than ideal.

There are several more; check the Skater's Edge Source Book for all the info.

Rhode Island skating

We were fortunate to be very well equipped with rinks back in the smallest state. For anyone visiting who hasn't already bought the Skater's Edge Source Book, here they are:

Less accessible are

Massachusetts is no slouch either, with 150+ rinks (vs. 37 in California) and has a few rinks close to RI, for example in Taunton and Fall River.

Skating on the road

I always try to find ice when on business trips, and have been hospitably welcomed at these and many other rinks (less hospitably at one or two more, but we'll let them be anonymous):

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