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This page was written by Steven J. DeRose around 2003-03-29, and was last updated on 2005-10-17.

It has been said that standards are great because there are so many variations to choose from. This page lists some of the organizations who get the credit or blame for standards in areas of interest to me.

Some Standard-Making Bodies

I have excluded general national standards bodies except for ANSI, because there are so many (148 as of this writing). The national bodies that are ISO members are listed on the ISO site.

I'm confident that I've merely scratched the surface here.

There is a standard for everything.
Even for the Czar?

(not all organisations have been linked yet, even if they have a Web presense)

Note: The descriptions below are my own, and are written for brevity, not precision. If you represent one of these organisations and would prefer a different (but similarly short!) description, please send it to me and I'll swap it in.
Abbrev. Name Domain
AAR American Association of Railroads (I'm sorry, but that's actually the American Academy of Religion)
ANSI American National Standards Institute General.
ASTM American Society for Testing and Materials
ATA Air Transport Association Aircraft documentation and other issues. A list of other Aerospace standards bodies can be found here.
BTG Bible Technologies Group XML schemas and related specs for interchanging theological materials
CCITT Comite Consultatif Internationale de Telegraphie et Telephonie. Now apparently renamed ITU-T Data compression, codecs, fax, modems.
DOT US Department of Transportation Hazard placards for use in materials transport. See Numbers for chemicals, and a guide to their hazards and appropriate responses.
EIA Electronics Industry Alliance
FASB Financial Accounting Standards Board Accounting practices
IANA Internet Assigned Names Authority Standard names for just about anything
IEC International Electrotechnical Commission
IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers WiFi and lots of other things
IETF Internet Engineering Task Force Internet, domain naming, and other protocols
ISO International Organisation for Standardisation [sic] Everything
ITU-T International Telecommunications Union-Telecommunication (formerly CCITT) Data compression, codecs, fax, modems.
LC Library of Congress Subject Headings, author identities
NEC National Electrical Code Electrical power systems
NEMA National Electrical Manufacturers Association Electical components, such as water-resistance ratings for enclosures.
OASIS Organisation for theAdvancement of Structured Information Standards XML schemas for various business applications
OCLC Online Computer Library Center Library cataloging, Dewey system, Persistent URLs, Dublin Core.
OEB Open eBook Consortium XML schemas, digital rights management, etc. for portable delivery of documents in electronic form.
OSHA Occupational Safety & Health Administration Workplace safety requirements.
TEI Text Encoding Initiative Consortium XML schemas and best-practice guideliness for marking up literary and historical works.
TIA Telecommunications Industry Association Phone and data wiring
UL Underwriters Laboratories Incorporated Product safety
W3C World Wide Web Consortium Web infrastructure and protocols
A similar list of standards organizations is provided by the National Library of Australia, though it focuses on standards relevant to libraries.

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