A Red and Green Compass Rose, logo for the Compass DeRose Guide Series.The Compass DeRose Guide to ConceptDraw™

This page was written by Steven J. DeRose, and was last updated on 2003-03-22.

ConceptDraw is a great drawing package for diagrams, presentations, orgcharts flowcharts, schematics, family trees, and so on. It's a lot like Visio™ but I think it is better, and I've put up this page to make it more accessible. It's available from Computer System Odessa.

Some of the especially good features of ConceptDraw include:

I have only run into a few problems so far, and Software Systems Odessa has been very responsive to my tech support questions and suggestions.

While the documentation is great for reference, it doesn't include a "Quick-Start" guide, so I am starting one here. The interface is logical enough that I got a long way just by intuition -- but I missed a few of the very best features and occasionally got frustrated thinking they had left out a really crucial feature -- usually it turned out I had just missed it. So I adivse that you actually read the documentation, or at least skim through it.

Perhaps the most important of these is the "smart connector" button: select a bunch of figures and click it, and it does the right thing to connect them. Major time saver once I discovered it.


I strongly recommend making this for your primary drawing package. Nearly all the diagrams on my Website have been drawn with ConceptDraw, and I have no significant complaints or problems with the system.

Oh, I should mention that I have no relationship to the company except as a (very) satisfied customer.

Some sample drawings and libraries

A set of symbols for use in drawing genograms.

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