Welcome to www.derose.net

(Steve DeRose at dinner in Rockville, MD)This is the Web site for Steve DeRose. I work on technologies for electronic documents: the theories, structures, and standards that allow information to move online with as much benefit and as little loss as can be. Among these technologies are markup systems; information retrieval; natural language processing; hypertext/hypermedia; version and edition management; distributed annotation and review systems; digital libraries, archiving, and preservation/access.

I am interested in all these things for information in general, but the information of most interest and value to me is material of lasting value: material that has stood the test of time and is still heavily studied, annotated, and written about: literature in general and sacred literature in particular. In keeping with all these interests, I serve as volunteer chairman of the Bible Technologies Group™, which develops free, non-proprietary technologies and open text archives for working with the Bible and related materials, and as a domain expert consultant to a variety of XML and other projects.

I am also presently the Director of Linguistics at OpenAmplify, a company that provides a software platform for sophisticated text analytics. That is, you pass us some text, and we pass back some meaning -- such as topics, sentiments, intentions, requests and offers, and so on.

Last updated 2011-03-13.

My web site has several sections:

  1. My resumé, with lists of publications, patents, work history, etc.
  2. Articles and links related to my professional and personal interests, which are listed more specifically below.
  3. Some Bible-related resources.
  4. Compass Rose logo for the Compass DeRose guides The Compass DeRose series: a growing set of guide articles explaining various useful things, such as
  5. Information related to specific standards I've worked on, and an annotated collection of pointers to electronic book related standards, whether I've worked on them or not.
  6. A selection of free resources such as tools for document conversion, presentations on information technologies, etc. Resources related to particular standards are included under the standards instead.
  7. Personal and family pages
  8. Sayings A carefully selected collection of quotations and sayings I've found meaningful (or sometimes funny).
  9. Links that I think are interesting or fun or particularly useful, but don't fit anywhere else.

You may want to read the applicable conditions of use information. Think GNU/GFDL.

My professional and personal interests

I have a wide range of interests, many of which combine computer science and the humanities (I had to choose between double-majoring in CS and Linguistics, or Psychology and Music).

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My resumé

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Steve DeRose and Steven J. DeRose are the only forms of name I generally use. However, my name has been seen as all of these on occasion: Steven DeRose, Steve J. DeRose, Stephen DeRose, Steve de rose, Steve D. Rose, Steve DeRosa, Dr. Rose Steven, Nick DeRose, Nic3k DeRose, sjd, nsd, sderose.


You can email me here (if you fix the punctuation).